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Brussels with free public transport because of the dirty air

In two consecutive days of excessively polluted air will also be banned the burning of wood and using cars

  • 26 февруари 2018, 16:05
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Източник: Pixabay

Brussels City Council decided that in days of excessive air pollution urban transport and bicycle rentals would be free of charge. When overdrive levels of dirty air have been reported for two consecutive days, firewood will also be banned if they are not the only option for household heating. In the absence of a rapid improvement of the indicators, the vehicles will also be banned in the Belgian capital.

Only buses (from the vehicles with internal combustion engines), special-mode vehicles (police, fire, emergency) and electric vehicles will have the right to be on the streets of the city. Brussels also introduces a mobile application from which everyone can constantly monitor air quality. The app contains a map showing the locations most affected by the distribution of fine particles.

Source: economic.bg

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