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The European Commission sets up a working group on artificial intelligence

It will analyze the ethical challenges made by the new technologies

  • 13 март 2018, 12:51
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Източник: Pixabay

The European Commission is setting up a working group on artificial intelligence, which will gather expertise and will attract a wide range of stakeholders. The Expert Group will also develop guidelines on ethics and artificial intelligence. The deadline for submitting applications for the Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence is April 9. The EC plan to form the working group by early May.

The Commission launched the application procedure for participation in the workin group, which will have the task of: gave recommendations to the Commission on the creation of a wide and diverse community of stakeholders united in the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence; support the implementation of the future European Strategy on Artificial Intelligence; propose by the end of 2018 a draft guidelines on the ethical development and use of artificial intelligence to build on the fundamental rights of the EU.

Source: Europen Commission

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