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Waver city gives away life saving boxes to seniors

Stored in the fridge, they will provide essential information to medicals in case of emergency

  • 15 септември 2019, 13:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium wavre senior box
Източник: City of Waver

A new measure addressing the life quality and in particular – the health of the seniors of Waver has been launched last week. The city of Waver decided to distribute the so called “tartine boxes” to its seniors a few months ago. Now, upon demand, all residents of the Belgian city over 65 years old, as well as persons suffering from chronical diseases and handicap can claim their own box for free.

Once received, the boxes should be filled in with data useful in case of emergency, such as blood type, phone number of personal medical specialist, illnesses, allergies, medicines currently taken and other relevant information. Then, the box should be safely stored in the fridge, which is a strategically selected place as it is easy to find in case of emergency by the medical teams.

The boxes are a project of the new legislature of the Belgian city and are supported by the aldermen for the Citizenship and Health Françoise Pigeolet and Gilles Agosti. All interested individuals can get their piece at the Public Relations Department at Square Carmes 8. For disabled persons and persons of limited mobility, a relative can claim the box by presenting the ID cart of the senior.

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