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Bring your love to Verona this weekend

The long and exciting Valentine’s Day programme will lead you to a dreamy reality

  • pátek 14. únor 2020 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium verona

If you are wondering what to do on Valentine's Day? Verona is the answer. According to an old tradition, on the festival of St Valentine’s Day Verona offers many excellent ideas on how to celebrate an unforgettable romantic weekend. “Verona in Love 2020” awaits to fill the hearts of lovers with a combination of magic and amusement. The holiday of love programme continues up to Sunday 16 February.

The long and exciting Valentine’s Day programme in Verona is ready to carry you into a reality of dreams. The endless list of events for Valentine's Day will allow you to celebrate the most romantic period of the year in such a special and unique way.

During this weekend decorations and illuminations will light up the streets of the old town of Verona and the windows of shops to accompany the loving couples through the numerous romantic events. Important to know is that Valentine's Day in Verona is not only dedicated to couples, but also to all those who are simply in love with the concept of love and with life itself.

Bring your love to Verona this weekendJuliet's balcony

Take part in the Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon

The 16th edition of the world-famous festival of St Valentine’s Day in Verona will warm up the most charming views of the Italian city: the streets of the historic centre, Juliet's balcony, Piazza dei Signori and the Lamberti Tower and many other magical places will make you relive the intense and tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet by involving you in numerous activities and events. Like every year, in addition to the romantic events, the Verona in Love Festival reserves a place of honour to sport with the Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon, this year taking place on Sunday 16 February.

If you have never seen Verona, Valentine's Day is the ideal opportunity to admire it in all its glamour. Hurry up, share this article, organize your romantic weekend and bring your love to Verona.

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