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Hungarian wages will increase in 2018

Randstad Hungary, an HR company, conducted the survey

  • pondělí 05. únor 2018 19:10
  • Author Stanimira Lukanova
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A new survey, conducted by the large HR company of Randstad Hungary, shows that about 75% of small and medium sized companies in the country are planning an increase on wages in 2018. According to Sándor Baja, CEO of Randstad Hungary, this will also increase the standard of living but will not be sufficient to make workforce come back to Hungary.

The Hungarian government is planning to increase the minimum wage, as well. The CEO, however, argues that despite the raising of wages, there will still be a need of automatization of work and may of the companies which are not realizing any profit will have to discontinue their business as a result of having to pay higher salaries. 


Source: hungarytoday.hu


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