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Zdroj: Ix-Xgħajra Local Council
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Neil Attard

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Ix-Xgħajra (pronounced as SH’AYRA) is a small seaside village on the coast of Malta, about halfway between Valletta Citta Umilissima and Marsaskala, on the outskirts of Ħaz-Zabbar Citta Hompesch. In Maltese, the name means a small open plan.

Once locating an important battery of the Knights of Malta, it has been of particular importance for the defence of the country during the Second World War. Now a beautiful seaside resort, it has been governed by a Local Council since the establishment of this institution in Malta in 1993.

The population of ix-Xgħajra is about 1,757 people which in summertime increases to 3000 people with density 1,287/km. The municipality borders Ħaż-Żabbar Citta' Hokpesch and Smart City (Il-Kalkara). The inhabitants are called Ix-Xgħajrin.

Ix-Xgħajra, thanks to its specific characteristics different from nearby settlements, has been recognized as a separate locality since the establishment of Local Councils in Malta in 1993. Since then the Ix-Xgħajra Local Council has never ceased to enhance the locality as a Coastal zone welcoming to both permanent and summer residents.

Chapel of Xgħajra

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Zdroj: By Balazs Sudar - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,



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