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Romania provides grants to citizens to install photovoltaic panels

The beneficiaries will receive 4,200 euro per project

  • středa 18. září 2019 14:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium photovoltaic panels

The Romanian government's grant programme "Casa Verde" (Green House), which finances the installation of photovoltaic panels on residential buildings was launched on 9 September this year. The program is aimed towards individuals who want to become electricity producers. The beneficiaries will receive RON 20,000, equal of 4,200 euros, per project, announced the Romanian Ministry of Environment. According to the Environment Ministry’s data in 2019 the budget allocated for the program will allow around 33,000 house owners to buy and install such equipment.

"The minimum installed power is 3 Kw and the producer will be able to negotiate with the electricity companies about the price of the electricity. We have approximated that 33,000 housing units will have such photovoltaic panels," informed the former environment minister Gratiela Gavrilescu.

The budget allocated to this program is RON 656 million (138 million euros), of which RON 536 millions come from the the Regional Operational Program (ROP) and RON 120 millions from the Environment Fund Agency.

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