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Historie města

The first record related to Svidník dates back to 1355. The town was founded at the important trade route (Amber Route) leading to Poland. Today, the important international route still exists.

The town was stricken by a multitude of war horrors during both world wars. The Carpathian and Dukla operation that took place within a stone’s throw from Svidník belonged to the largest military campaigns on European battlefronts during World War II.

In 1944 the town of Svidník was founded by merger of two formerly independent municipalities of Nižný Svidník and Vyšný Svidník.

Svidník is a town located in eastern Slovakia. It is the capital of the Svidník Distrikt in the Prešov Region. It lies at the confluence of the Ondava and the Ladomírka rivers.

Svidník is administrative, economic, cultural, recreational and sports center of the region. The population of Svidník is around 11,000 people.

The economy of Svidník is based on growing private enterprise and tourism. The important international route leading through Svidník to Poland also contributes to the development of the city.

Folk traditions and festivals

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Zdroj: Svidník Municipality

Traditions and culture in Svidník are presented through two festivals: Ruthenian Festival and the Festival of Ruthenian-Ukrainians of Slovakia, held in the local amphitheater since 1956.