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The World Ice Fishing Championships will be held tomorrow near Lappeenranta

The big prize is a car and the title of the world’s best ice fisher
  • pátek 15. únor 2019 14:30, 1097 impressions
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Zdroj: Pixabay

In the countryside near Lappeenranta in Finland close to the Russian border lies the spot on a frozen lake where the world ice fishing championships will be held on 16 February. The championship of ice fishing will be organised and sponsored by local businesses and organizations, as well as individuals. The competition will end with weighing each ice fisher’s catch. Then the jury will decide who the 6 ice fishers are. The prize for the first place is a car, and, of course, the title of the world’s best ice fisher.

Fishing through a hole in the ice joins the list of unusual competitions and original Finnish sporting events that raise interest around the world. These include the world championships in swamp soccer, wife carrying, kick sledding, ice swimming and rubber boot throwing.

Source: yle.fi