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"Life boxes" are available to seniors in Lublin

They are one of several concrete measures addressing the elderly in the city

  • mandag d. 19. august 2019, 11.30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium the box of life ready to be filled with patient s medical history
Kilde: City of Lublin

The Polish city of Lublin implements a coordinated policy addressing the seniors living in its territory. One of the measures in this direction is the so called “Life box”, which was made available to everyone who needs it. It consists of a small package with the image of a heart which is kept in the fridge and is hoped to be able to save a life.

The package can be equipped with container with an information card about the diseases of its owner, the medicines taken, or the phone numbers of his closest relatives. If something happens to such a person and an ambulance arrives, it often turns out that it is difficult to contact a patient. When they need to respond quickly, the paramedic can reach for the "Box of Life". For them this is the first hint of what the patient's diseases are and which medications they are currently taking, so it is useful to have a "Box of Life" - explains Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs, Monika Lipińska. Naturally, the campaign is addressed in particular to disabled and the older people living alone.

With a recent communication, the municipality of Lublin would like to remind older people about the "Box of Life" campaign implemented together with the emergency medical services. The boxes can be collected free of charge at the Municipal Family Assistance Centres.

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