This is Europe: the podcast showing EU’s cross-border perspectives

This is Europe: the podcast showing EU’s cross-border perspectives

Its second season is set to offer new stories on the contemporary issues facing the EU

There are 27 countries that make up the European Union, a union whose official motto is, ‘United in Diversity’. But how exactly do you cultivate unity across a region with such a diverse mix of culture, language and heritage? 

This is Europe, a podcast from Interreg that seeks to answer this question in each of the episodes of its second season. Join academic and broadcaster Shahidha Bari (BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking and BBC 2's Inside Culture) as she takes you on a six-part journey across Europe - showing how Interreg is transforming communities and changing lives with co-operative schemes impacting on issues such as re-using waste products, reducing traffic and resettling refugees.

The first episode - Culture in Crisis - will go live on 22 September asking the additional question: 'Following the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, how has Interreg helped artists and workers throughout the cultural sector?'

How does Interreg impact European lives?

Across Europe, the way we live, work and play is rapidly changing in the face of unprecedented challenges, such as COVID-19 and climate change. But a new season of This Is Europe, the podcast from the EU's regional development accelerator Interreg will showcase the innovative ways these challenges are being met through cooperation between Europeans from various countries.

With Interreg's mission statement to 'dismantle borders, both real and imagined', This Is Europe gives the inside story on how real change is being delivered to citizens throughout the EU – and beyond – and across priority areas such as the environment, sustainability, the circular economy, food production, migration, social inclusion and culture.

"This podcast highlights innovative policies that can support refugee integration through employment, education, and work placements. It offers practical examples and policy-relevant insights that will hopefully inspire EU leaders,” commented Alexander Betts, Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs at Oxford.

So, tune in and get acquainted with stories of change and inspiration, stories that may be happening in your own neighbourhood. If 22 September seems too far, you can listen to a trailer preview of the first episode.



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