Winner of Budapest’s Chain Bridge renovation tender announced

Winner of Budapest’s Chain Bridge renovation tender announced

The Hungarian company A-Híd Zrt. has been involved in the construction of the capital’s bridges since the late 1800s

The public procurement procedure for the renovation of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge has been successfully completed, as announced by the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK). Hungarian company A-Híd Zrt., responsible for the construction of the capital’s bridges since the late 1800s, has won the municipal tender.

Waiting for the promised government subsidy

A-Híd’s offer to renew one of Hungary's iconic cultural heritage sites for a net amount of HUF 18.8 billion (EUR 52.4 million) beat the other final bidder - Strabag Általános Építő Kft. The decision was approved yesterday by the BKK Board of Directors.

Despite the government's austerity measures, Budapest Municipality raised the additional gross HUF 3.5 billion needed to declare the procedure valid. Now, the subsidy to the tune of HUF 6 billion, promised by the Hungarian Government but not yet allocated, is the only missing component for renovation works to commence. Nevertheless, Budapest Municipality has declared a commitment to provide the full coverage needed for the renovation of the bridge even if the grant agreement is delayed.

The renovation of Chain Bridge can be carried out from a gross price of HUF 26.75 billion. In addition to the winning net bid price, the gross price includes a mandatory 10 percent reserve, statutory technical inspection, official fees and other costs. 

Bridge closed to traffic for 18 months

Now that the results of the tender have been announced, the contract with the winner is expected to be concluded at the end of January 2021. Renovation work can start at the end of February 2021, with completion scheduled for the autumn of 2023.

During the renovation, the bridge will be closed to all traffic for 18 months. BKK will provide updated information on the details of the traffic closure.

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