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Two Estonian municipalities compete in an event against cancer

Elva and Järva’s municipal governments will be playing against each other as part of the charity event

  • Δευτέρα 05 Αύγουστος 2019 14:30:00 EEST
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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On 6 and 8 August, you’ll be able to see the municipal governments of Elva and Järva compete against one another in a friendly volleyball and basketball match, part of a charity event dedicated to the fight against cancer. The local authorities of the municipalities want to not only support the “Healthy Estonia Against Cancer” charity, but to also promote a more active lifestyle amongst citizens.

The mayor of Elva parish, Toomas Järveoja, was very happy with how the organization turned out, stating that "We also wanted to be more athletic with our team, and that was the idea of ​​competing in basketball and volleyball with another municipal government team to focus on sports and health issues. The Järva municipal government team was right on board.”

Meanwhile, Rait Pihelgas, the mayor of Järva is convinced that by taking the initiative and working together, the two governments are giving a very good example to locals and citizens of Estonia. “When Elva offered us a competition, we didn't hesitate for a moment. The team was up and together we started brainstorming. We believe that what matters is not a win, but a healthy lifestyle that ensures a healthy life years. The purpose of these two games is to convey an important message that can help those in need. It is also important that local and regional authorities work together and will continue to do so. "

The teams made up of members of the municipal government are heading to Aravate in Järva on the 6th for their volleyball match and to Elva for their clash in the basketball field. Locals are invited to come and spectate this fun event and to also try to predict who will win. Participants are of course entitled to rewards if they guess correctly. You can find out more about this initiative over at this link.

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