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10,000 issues resolved through the NaprawmyTo! application

The digital tool allows citizens to report problems throughout Lublin and accelerate considerably their resolution by local authorities

  • March 31, 2019 13:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium naprawmyto
Source: https://naprawmyto.pl/lublin

NaprawmyTo! project has started in September 2012 in Lublin and was aimed at improving communication between citizens and the Lublin Municipal Office especially when it comes to reporting local issues. It enables citizens to easily signal of anything that needs to be fixed in the city area, ranging from illegal landfill or a pothole to damaged infrastructure. With only few steps using the dedicated application, everyone may select the correct category, describe the problem briefly and attach and illustrative image, which immediately triggers a notification to the responsible body.

The alerts are divided into 23 sub-categories which fall into the following major areas: infrastructure, safety, buildings, nature, and other if none of the previous is applicable. All relevant issues reported that fall within the competences of local authorities are followed up or if not – the precise institution to be addressed is indicated.

So, the application has a double benefit – on the one hand it allows citizens to report issues that spoil the image of the city or lead to inconveniences, which improves the trust in local authorities and the communication between citizens and public officials. On the other hand, it saves much work, time and financial resources to municipal servants engaged in respecting the high quality of public services and spaces, as they can rely on the vigilance of thousands of people: practically every citizen having installed the app or willing to use NaprawmyTo! becomes a potential quality inspector.

Finally, local authorities underline that the success of the technical solution so far could not be possible without the joint efforts of many legal bodies of the Municipal Office, including the Municipal Police, Municipal Transport Authority, Municipal Transport Company, Road and Bridge Authority, Municipal Estate Authority, City Sports and Recreation Centre “Bystrzyca” and Shelter for homeless animals.

See more info at naprawmyto.pl/lublin & download the free application.

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