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19 million investment in Vilnius’ public transport

50 new buses will be purchased for the Lithuanian capital’s fleet

  • July 27, 2019 15:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Vilnius’ public transport company recently signed a contract for the purchase of 50 new buses to reinforce its public transport fleet. The full price to be paid by the Lithuanian capital is 19 million euros. The contract was signed with the German company MAN’s Lithuanian subsidiary – Adampolis and it envisions for all of the vehicles to be delivered by 2023, when the contract is set to expire.

The details surrounding the purchase are as follows: the contract will come into force once the price for the buses has been paid; all of the vehicles must be completely brand new, manufactured no earlier than 2019, must all be the same model, have at least 40 seats and space for 95 standing passengers as well as a spot for disabled persons; finally, they must all run on liquified natural gas.

Once the order is finalized and the new buses are in circulation, Vilnius will boast a lard, modern and eco-friendly public transport fleet. As of today, there are 250 new buses and 41 trolleybuses in circulation, on the capital’s streets. There are plans for 135 new buses to be added by the end of this year – 5 of which electric. The local government is also planning the purchase of another 70 hybrid vehicles. By the end of the procurement stage, the oldest buses in Vilnius’ entire public transport fleet would have been manufactured in 2013.

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