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3 Best Places to Visit in Estonia

The country has charming old towns and heritage back to the Hanseatic League

  • May 20, 2018 18:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

Estonia offers travelers a fascinating mixture of Slavic, Russian, Scandinavian and altogether unique local cultures. It ranges from the beautiful, windswept coastlines of the Baltic Sea and the Finnish Gulf to the rolling forests around Tartu in the south, and offers up some amazing and wondrous destinations along the way.

1. The mighty rises of Toompea Hill are what define Tallin magnificent capital. Soaring in a curious medley of Orthodox onion domes and medieval bulwarks right in the heart of the town. Below this sprawls one chocolate box of a walled city, where stony streets and shadowy alleyways open up onto an enthralling market square and curiously-named keeps like ‘Fat Margaret’ soar above the crenulated fortifications. Given the UNESCO tag, the glorious array of historical monuments and the buzzing collection of shops, beer halls and Estonian eateries, it’s hardly surprising that this one’s on the up as one of Europe’s most coveted capitals.

2. Nestled neatly on the edge of its very own little coastal inlet on the Gulf of Riga, Parnu comes complete with one of the Baltic’s best stretches of pearly-white sand. It’s backed by the all-new and indelibly lively Beach Promenade, where babbling fountains abut al fresco restaurants and the courses of a truly excellent bike track. And in the centre of the town itself, the remnants of an Art Deco boom in the 20s add a real dash of class to the resort, spas rise unexpectedly on the street corners, Ruutli Street beats to a night time tune, and charming timber villas dot the outskirts. In short: this one’s every inch Estonia’s summertime capital.

3. In the warmer months of the year, Otepaa draws in modest crowds of hikers and mountain bikers to the winding trails of Valga County, for strolling through the thick fir forests and walking around the banks of Puhajarve Lake. However, it’s when the snows come that this self-proclaimed winter capital of Estonia really hits its stride. Nordic ski tracks delve deep into the woods, the ski jumps roar with local cheers and the various downhill alpine runs offer a smattering of beginner and intermediate pistes. Aside from the outdoors action, Otepaa also boasts one gorgeous church spire and the crumbling remains of an aged citadel for the history buffs.

Source: The crazy tourist

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