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5 of the cheapest European destinations

See where you can go on a budget

  • October 27, 2018 09:08
  • Author S. Lukanova
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Source: Pixabay

Travelling is indeed expensive althogh today there are many opportunities for travel around the world, especially throughout Europe withour breaking the bank. Yes, caitals like London or Paris are famous for being extremely expensive not only for the tourist but for the local too, but there are indeed other cities in the continent which one can visit on a budget. Here are 5:

Krakow, Poland

Located to the south of Warsaw, Krakow impresses with architecture and sense of history. Many museums are hosted in breathtaking medieval castles, many galleries host world art in spectacularRenaissance buildings. Krakow, though, has its contemporary side too: many nightclubs, modern galleries and architecture.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is definitely worth spending at least a weekend in. Prices are low and if you happen to be visiting in the beginning of July you will have the opportunity to go to one of Europe's biggest music festivals - Exit. The Serbian capital can become quite crowded at that time of the year.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tourist inflow in the Estonian capital is not that big which is good for the budget traveller because prices remain normal. Buildings from the Middle Ages are extremely well preserved and the city is very much pedestian-friendly so tourists can go anywhere on foot.

Zagreb, Croatia

There are so many museums and galleries in the Croatian capital that it is almost impossible for the tourist to go through them all. In terms of infrastructure and getting around Zagreb has a lot to offer - from quite cheap public transport, to good rent-a-bike services. One very curious fact - every night, all 214 gas lamps in Upper Town are lit by hand. And that has been the way since 1863!

Bratislava, Slovakia

Main Square, Old Town Hall and St. Martin's Cathedral - just three of Bratislava's many historical sights. The best way to go from one to another is on foot. There are also many tours one can purchase, plus an introductory tour of the Slovakian capital.


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