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A “city within a city” in Malmö is a perferct example of sustainability

It has its own systems for managing energy supply and waste, green roofs and minimum car traffic

  • September 24, 2019 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium malmo

With its own systems for managing energy supply and waste, green roofs and minimized car traffic, this "city within a city" is an exciting and attractive sustainable district in Malmö. It represents a whole environmentally friendly approach to urban planning and mobility.

A team of international architects designed the Bo01 district in the Western Harbour of Malmö focused on sustainability in every meaning of the word. This “city within a city” has green roofs on a significant number of buildings with a variety of plants in different colours depending on the season and an extensive rainwater run-off systems. Everyone is invited to see and explore the successful transformation of a formerly decaying industrial area into an exciting and sustainable urban environment.

The Aktern heat pump plant represents the core of the energy system. The technology includes the production of heating and cooling with a large heatpump. The energy is then stored seasonally in organic aquifers under 90-meter deep wells. The electricity needed to power the heat pumps is produced by a local wind power plant which is supplying around 1,000 flats with electricity.

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