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A draft Code of Practice to tackle online disinformation is ready

The final version is expected in September

  • July 18, 2018 16:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: European Commission

The working group of the multi-stakeholder forum on online disinformation has delivered a draft Code of Practice to tackle online disinformation. The working group is composed of online platforms, leading social networks, advertisers and the advertising industry. A final code of practice is expected in September.

The draft Code of Practice and its annex map out the Commission's objectives outlined in the Communication "Tackling online Disinformation", and should lead to a measurable reduction of online disinformation by addressing the following five main areas:

  • Improving the scrutiny of ad placements to demonetize purveyors of disinformation;
  • Ensuring transparency of political advertising and issue-based advertising to enable users to identify promoted content;
  • Ensuring the integrity of platforms' services including by identifying and closing fake accounts and using appropriate mechanisms to signal bot-driven interactions;
  • Making it easier for users to discover and access different news sources representing alternative viewpoints;
  • Empowering the research community by granting access to platforms' data that are necessary to continuously monitor online disinformation.

At its third meeting, on 17 July, Commissioner Gabriel thanked the Forum for their work on the draft Code. She stated: "I welcome the inclusive and constructive process so far which has led to this first draft of the Code of Practice, delivered within very tight deadlines.  It is now up to the Sounding Board to deliver its opinion on the Code in early September, and I rely on it to improve it. I am confident that the work taken up by the two groups will lead to an important achievement in the fight against online disinformation".

Source: European Commission

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