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Aberdeen ensures laptops and internet access for local students

The City Council wants every child in the city to be taken care of in terms of education opportunities

  • May 02, 2020 11:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The imposition of lockdowns aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus meant the suspension of many classes as schools were rapidly shut down across pretty much all of Europe. In the United Kingdom, as in many other countries on the continent, however, most educational facilities were quickly able to transition into distance learning and online education.

And while that in and of itself is a fantastic development, it still did not account for the many individuals and families who had their educational needs hampered due to the lack of the necessary hardware like computers or laptops or due to the lack of stable internet connection.

Protecting the rights of everyone

That is why the City Council of Aberdeen has decided to spare no expense when it comes to ensuring every citizen’s right to education. Local authorities in the Scottish city have already begun answering the requests of locals for the provision of the items necessary for their children to have access to learning platforms.

Already over 800 laptops have been issued, as well as some 300 dongles, as per the requests submitted by parents. Additional tech is also on its way in order to meet the growing demand for hardware and internet access.

Education Operational Delivery Convener, Councillor John Wheeler, stated that “We (Aberdeen City Council) are absolutely committed to tackling inequalities and ensuring that all of our children and young people have access to the best possible education even during the see most difficult of circumstances.”

Providing access to distance education and other learning activities have been one of the priorities of local authorities in Aberdeen, as the City Council has also reached out to education specialists and staff in order to provide them with all the support they might need in carrying out their regular work from home.

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