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Admiring Danish culture at a distance

Many of Denmark’s most famous cultural and architectural venues can be marveled at online, from the comfort of your homes

  • April 17, 2020 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Cultural venues across Europe have been forced to adapt to a radically different way of operating and carrying out their business. With citizens barred from leaving their homes, such institutions are now the ones visiting them – namely through the internet and the use of digital technology that allows visits and exploration to take place without actually breaking lockdown and social distancing rules.

Denmark’s cultural institution are among the ones that adapted the quickest to the change in circumstances. Many of them offer entirely free digital entry and allow for the viewing of exhibitions and other points of interest without ever leaving the confines of your homes.

Denmark’s National Gallery

While marvelling at art in person is one thing, sometimes that is not possible. That is why Denmark’s National Gallery – Statens Museum for Kunst, has made available a guided tour of its exhibitions.

The Gallery’s website offers you all the comforts of an in-person visit. Upon entry, a curator walks and talks you through the paintings and art pieces explaining their background and discussing other lesser-known facts about them.

Denmark’s National Museum

The Danish National Museum has made pieces of its Medieval and Renaissance collections available to visitors through the convenient use of Google Street View.

That’s right – you can walk among Denmark’s Viking exhibits as if you were there, exploring the footage recorded by Google on foot – a true digital step back in time.

The Danish Architecture Centre

The Danish Architecture Centre will offer you an opportunity to explore and experience the feels of Copenhagen’s architecture and learn how it came to be. By using the Centre’s own app, you can not only marvel at the Danish capital’s vistas but you can also listen to interviews with architects and their stories on how the city has grown into what it is today. 

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