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After years of delays the renovation of the famous Constanta casino will start

The landmark was included on Europa Nostra's list of 7 most endangered heritage sites in Europe

  • January 04, 2020 20:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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After years of delays, the renovation of the famous casino in the Romanian seaside city of Constanta can now be launched, informed mayor Decebal Fagadau. The main reason for the delays were the appeals, which have blocked the process.

The latest company that contested the auction took the decision to withdraw its appeal, and now the local authorities can keep on with the procedure. The fourth auction is over and finally, the contract for the restoration can be signed. Now it is expected for the casino to be rehabilitated and restored.

Former minister of development Daniel Suciu also announced that the bidder decided to drop the appeal. According to his statement, on 13th September 2019, the auction for the rehabilitation of the Casino was contested on the last day. On the same date, the company lost the case at the Bucharest Court of Appeal. On 19th December, the company also dropped the action filed with the CNSC (the National Council for Settlement of Appeals e.n.).

Suciu added also that the symbol of Constanta will be restored, thanks to the support of the CNI (the National Investment Company) and to Decebal Fagadau, mayor of Constanta.

One of the most endangered heritage sites in Europe

The Casino in Constanta was built in 1910. The impressive building was designed by Swiss-Romanian architect Daniel Renard in the Art Nouveau style. For years it was the landmark of the Black Sea shore. In 2018, the Casino was included on Europa Nostra's list of 7 most endangered heritage sites in Europe.

Unfortunately, the Casno was abandoned during the 2000s and is currently in very bad condition. Five years ago, the building passed from the Municipality of Constanta to the National Investment Company with the aim to be restored. Since then several auctions organized for the rehabilitation of the monument have been cancelled. The last auction was contested a few months ago.

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