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Alytus heeds citizens in cultural revival

The Alytus Culture and Communications Centre is prepping for renewal to match expectations of locals

  • September 20, 2019 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Recently Alytus carried out a survey amongst citizens as to how the city can improve the Alytus Culture and Communications Centre – how it can be made more attractive to visitors and what can be done to make the venue more interesting to people. Over the summer a work and strategy group was established, comprising of citizens, officials and other interested parties which developed an approach based on the results of the survey.

For example, one of the most brought-up topics was the usefulness and accessibility to the website of the Centre. The municipality delivered on some of the request features, including linking the website to facebook and Instagram, making tickets to events available online and creating a monthly newsletter.

Thanks to the efforts of the working group, the programme and the repertoire of the Centre were also revised. The list of cultural activities on offer has been significantly expanded to include all kinds of concerts, workshops, conferences and other types of performances as well as different forms of leisure activities (like choirs and dance studios). One of the landmark decisions which were made was for the events to not be confined entirely within the Centre’s grounds – some events will take place in parks and garden around the city.

The renewal of the Alytus Culture and Communication Centre is a perfect example of local authorities and citizens working as a closely-knit group that brings about results which can be enjoyed by everyone.

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