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Amsterdam plans to reduce noise starting this year

Now that everyone is staying at home, the difference in noise levels is palpable

  • April 04, 2020 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium sound map of amsterdam 2018
Source: Sound map of Amsterdam 2018 / Topografische ondergrond © Gemeente Amsterdam

The coronavirus lockdown has altered, albeit temporarily, most of our daily habits. Some aspects of everyday life, including commuting, have changed for the better. With far fewer people around the streets and with reduced traffic, noise levels have been considerably reduced and this is especially true for large cities like Amsterdam.

Action plan for healthy sound levels

The Dutch capital, as well as other cities in the Netherlands, are motivated to maintain healthy levels of noise even after the coronavirus threat is over. That is why they are in the process of drafting Noise reduction action plans. The national government is also committed to take action.

Amsterdam has already drafted such a document for the period 2020-2023 and is currently collecting opinions from its citizens. The measure also aims to respond to the city's obligations coming from the EU Environmental Noise Directive (END).

Some of the most important measures in the local document can be summarized as follows:

  • Prioritizing public transport and cycling;
  • Increasing the number of roads with 30 km/h limit;
  • Introducing silent electric buses on a number of lines as early as this year;
  • Disallowing the entry of mopeds with a combustion engine in built-up areas, as of 2025;
  • Using noise-reducing asphalt more often;
  • Reducing the noise of the municipal fleet;
  • Setting-up and taking special care of quiet places in the city with greenery.

The plan also addresses existing measures to limit noise pollution form catering establishments, events, neighbours, construction, etc.

Have your say

Are you among the 41% of Amsterdam citizens who feel hindered by environmental noise (GGD Amsterdam, Health Monitor 2016)? If you are concerned about this serious issue and believe you can contribute to meaningful local action on the matter, then the local authority wants to hear from you.

Use your time at home wisely and contribute to a healthier Amsterdam tomorrow: share your opinion between 1 April and 13 May 2020 via the municipal website or by email at actieplangeluid@amsterdam.nl

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