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Amsterdam will pay for you to plant a tree at home

The Dutch capital provides subsidy for those who want to make the city greener

  • December 23, 2019 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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We all know how important greenery is – not only does it make the urban landscape more attractive, but it also provides shade and oxygen, absorbs water. All of this is much appreciated in periods of summer heatwaves, heavy rainfalls or winter days with peaks of air pollution. The city of Amsterdam loves greenery no less than we do. Actually, the capital of the Netherlands boasts more than 1 million trees so far and wants to increase this number in the near future. To that end, the municipality has launched a new policy aimed to stimulate locals to make the city more green.

Subsidy for planting trees in Amsterdam

In December the municipality of Amsterdam launched a subsidy to help locals purchase and plant trees at home. This subsidy is intended for residents and organizations that want to plant a tree in their garden or in a shared garden space. It covers the necessary costs for the purchase, planting, improvement of the growing place and the transport of one or more trees. The Planting new trees subsidy can amount to a maximum of € 5,000 and can be requested by homeowners, homeowners' associations and tenants. The “free” tree must meet a number of conditions, including to be planted by a certified company, the costs of which are also reimbursed. The subsidy applies to new trees, which are not exotic and are planted out in the open.

As Amsterdam grows, we need to be smarter with greenery, the city authorities believe. This action, therefore, wants to engage citizens to create a city that is as liveable as possible for humans and animals and together with the municipality to protect the area against the effects of the changing climate, we read on Amsterdam.nl.

If you too want to participate, make sure to visit the website of the local authority or contact them at grants@amsterdam.nl

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