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Andalucía Tech receives two million euros for AI program

Funding for the university campus in Andalusia comes from ERDF

  • December 09, 2019 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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A new project funded under the European Research and Development Fund (ERDF) will help foster innovation linked to Artificial Intelligence in Southern Spain. As La Vanguardia reported the Andalusia Tech Campus of International Excellence, formed by the universities of Seville and Malaga, has achieved the highest score possible for its Innovative Ecosystem with Artificial Intelligence for Andalusia 2025 project. This will enable them to receive the maximum amount of funding from the Feder program - a grand total of two million euros.

Andalusia Tech initiative meets the priority objective of the operational program, namely reinforcement of research, technological development and innovation. The project thus aims to create an innovation ecosystem based on artificial intelligence. It should deploy 50 knowledge transfer actions between researchers from the universities of Seville and Malaga, together with 39 other agents (companies and institutions).

The project will focus on the use of AI and will have an impact on the sectors of the Research and Innovation Strategy for the Intelligent Specialization of Andalusia (RIS3). The ultimate goal is to promote a new economic model, focused on the companies and based on a commitment to innovation, science and technology, allowing a qualitative leap for Andalusian business.

Cooperation between researchers and economic actors for growth

For the execution of the actions, numerous ecosystem research groups will be established, gathering scientists of both universities with proven experience in the transfer of knowledge to the production sector. They will be joined by a number of medium-sized companies and institutions, having a high technological capacity and an agile and flexible track record in the improvement of new products and services.

The actions to be developed with the most innovative ICT technologies will follow the Smart specialisation strategy of Andalusia for 2014-2020 and will involve companies according to their area of expertise:

  • Mobility and Logistics: Tussam and Ghenova Ingeniería;
  • Advanced industries linked to transport: Azvi, Alter and Teledyne;
  • Endogenous resources of territorial base: Delegation of Malaga and Guadaltel;
  • Tourism, culture and leisure: Maestro Luthier and Cabildo of the Cathedral of Seville;
  • Health and Social Welfare: Fisevi, Virgen del Rocío Hospital and Pfizer;
  • Agribusiness and Healthy Eating: Aeroplaning Intelligent Agriculture and Soltel;
  • Renewable Energies, energy efficiency and sustainable construction: Woodswallow and Ener Ocean;
  • Digital Economy: Tier1, Everis and Wellness.

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