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Another Irish city to use IoT technology for waste collection

Learn more about the new solar-powered smart bins purchased by Galway City Council

  • June 26, 2019 21:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium pel120ssb solarstreetbin in eyre square galway
Source: pelmfg.com

Galway city is the next place in Ireland where smart recycle bins can be seen. After a successful trial in 2018, Galway has just installed fifty solar-powered IoT SolarStreetBin™ litter bins. They were manufactured in Mayo, Ireland and use cloud-based BriteBin™ data management dashboard  provided by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment. In the context of increasing volumes of litter in the city, it is considered that the new bins could collect as much as ten times more quantity than standard models, thanks to internal compaction system.

But the increased litter intake is far from the only advantage of the new technology. Equipped with a sensor that detects how full they are, the new bins are able to send a signal and thereby to communicate the need to be emptied to the local council in real time. This technological solution based on Internet of Things is expected to increase considerably the efficiency of the collection, while reducing traffic and gas emissions related to the transportation and collection of waste. Furthermore, the tools are solar-powered, hence they get the energy needed for operation from sunlight.

The new bins can be seen in Eyre Square, along Shop Street, around Woodquay and in the Salthill area.

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