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Austria - a frontrunner in smart city technologies

10% of all EU Smart City projects are based in the country

  • March 23, 2019 17:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

For years, Austria has been a key pioneer in smart city technologies. The country makes a lot of efforts and investments about rethinking a city as a living space with a view to energy and mobility, planning it innovatively and integrating it. In fact, 10% of all EU Smart City projects are based in Austria.

The most important approaches to design urban regions "smart" include: increasing energy efficiency, increasing the share of renewable energy sources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The use of energy from renewable sources, energy-saving buildings and environmentally friendly transport require an intelligent interaction of innovative technologies and of integrated solutions that network individual technical systems wisely.

Austria - a frontrunner in smart city technologies

Another important fact is that Vienna was once again voted the city with the highest quality of life (Mercer Study 2019). Smart Cities help to intelligently link technical and social innovations to maintain and improve the quality of life for future generations. Austria has internationally recognized expertise in areas such as – sustainability of buildings, smart energy systems and infrastructure, etc.

Source: Ecotechnology Austria

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