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Austrian tourism goes digital

New digitalization plans for the tourism industry in Austria

  • February 14, 2020 16:00
  • Author TheMayor.EU
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All over the world, the tourism industry is becoming more and more complex and demanding. This is true for Austria as well. The strong growth rate of the Austrian tourism industry is proof of that. According to Invest in Austria, the steady growth in recent year has surpassed the average of the EU-28 and has attracted many international investors.

The tourism industry is especially perceptive of new technologies. It makes the work easier and faster, creates new services and attracts more tourists.

Digitalization is needed in management, service and product offering. It creates strategies for better competitiveness, company development and improvement. In addition, it needs and is supported by institutions to tailor special services that meet the individual needs of clients.

Austria's tourism strategy – digital potential and measures

The newly-developed digitalization strategy for the tourist industry in Austria includes two main measures:

  • Exchange platform digitalization in tourism – it will be specially created to be used by representatives of the industry and other sectors connected to tourism. This platform will serve for the exchange of information and good practices thus encouraging communication and cohesion between different industries that have something to do with tourist inflow and services such as transport, booking platforms, restaurants, etc.
  • NETA (Next level tourism Austria) – this is a platform with a focus on the guests. It is a kind of a learning platform on digitalization with the main goal to provide new instruments for innovation and use of technologies.

The project is proceeded by many other good practices that paved the way towards the new digitalization strategy. These include:

  • Brochures on data protection in the new digital environment.
  • A new criterion for digital innovation in the Austrian Prize for Innovations in Tourism.
  • Introduction of different research programs and projects.

The Strategy and all its supporting initiatives give a good start in the development of new practices and good examples in the area of tourism and, why not, their spill-over effect onto other industries.

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