Aveiro welcomes “Smart cities tour 2019”

The tour will go through the whole country

  • February 04, 2019 14:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
Medium smartcity
Source: Municipality of Aveiro

The 2019 Smart Cities Tour aims to present the main challenges, promote the sharing of good practices among municipalities and concrete projects that are being developed by Portugies municipalities, with the participation of the territory, the academy and the companies. The third edition of Smart Cities Tour runs until May, with seven thematic sessions - Faro (16 January), Aveiro (5 February) and Lisbon (27 February),Vila Real (19 March), Setúbal (28 March), Ponta Delgada (5 April) and Funchal (8 May).

The workshop in Aveiro will be dedicated to the theme "Soft Mobility”. The topic of the other six sessions are the following – Faro (Economy and Technological innovation), Lisbon (City as a Platform) Vila Real (Circular City) Setúbal (Inclusive City), Ponta Delgada (Climate Change) and Funchal (Happy City). The tour will end with the Mayors’ Summit that will be held at the Portugal Smart Cities Summit event, from 21 to 23 May, at FIL - Lisbon International Fair.

Source: Municipality of Aveiro