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Barcelona with new “re-greening program”

The Catalan metropolis new aim is to become a greener city

  • February 02, 2018 18:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

City administration plan to create 108 hectares of new green space up to 2019. The goal is to combat the heat, noise, and air pollution that affects the downtown of the city. While the Barcelona’s outskirts are blessed with plenty of green, the inner-city districts have few green spaces, spreaded across private backyards and micro parks.

The plan of the Catalan government is to create several micro projects that merge into green inner-city corridors by moving entire streets underground and banning cars from the center to create the necessary space for new parks. The city has even purchased industrial land for this purpose. To involve the entire community, there are cash prizes for the most sustainable ideas of the citizens.  

Source: smart-magazine.com

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