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Be a gem hunter across the European cities

Get a glimpse of your city's cultural and creative hidden gems, and check out how you can take part by sharing your stories

  • December 11, 2018 11:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium euculturalgems
Source: European Commission

The European Commissions Joint Research Centre is aiming at making lesser known European cultural heritage more visible. "Cultural gems" is a new web app stemming from the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor aimed at talking directly with citizens about culture and creativity in their cities. The innovative app wants to hear from the locals what they know about their cities and the places they love, sharing their local knowledge with the visitors of cities. "Cultural gems" aims at being a meeting point between locals, city administrators and visitors to the city, in the attempt to create an EU-wide map of cultural and creative spaces going beyond the "best sellers".

  • Share and discover the cultural pulse of 168 cities in 28 EU countries. Share information about museums, theatres, cultural heritage sites, memorials and many more cultrual and creative places
  • Create thematic puzzles and tell about the real life in your city
  • Make your voice heard and make your city a better place. Review places in your city and help fellow residents and visitors.

Source: European Commission

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