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Bełchatów on a mission to preserve traditional professions

The polish city will also map the disappearing crafts on its territory

  • July 16, 2020 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Gerhard G. on Pixabay

Shoemakers, tailors, upholsterers, glaziers, umbrella makers, luthiers, milliners – those were all popular professions in the past and the respective craftsmen were recognized professionals. Some of them, however, face the risk of falling into oblivion in today’s world, driven forward by technology, artificial intelligence and mass production. The Polish city of Bełchatów wants to prevent this from happening or to at least keep the memories of these crafts alive with a new campaign.

Promoting traditional crafts while saving the planet from trash

A return of the fashion for craft products could mean that some of these old professions can get the chance to slowly return to their glory days. However, this process is slow, which is directly related to the high price of handmade products.

That is why the municipality of Bełchatów (central Poland) is launching a new campaign aimed at providing support to local entrepreneurs, by focusing on craftsmen in particular called “Tylko dobre rzemiosło” (Only good crafts).

One way to do this is by creating a "Map of Bełchatów Crafts". “Our goal is primarily to stimulate interest in handicraft products and services. They are undoubtedly characterized by high quality, which deserves to be appreciated. I am convinced that young people entering the labour market, choosing traditional professions, can achieve professional success” explains Mayor of Bełchatów Mariola Czechowska, quoted by the website of the municipality.

The promotion of the so-called vanishing professions, however, is also part of a global wave - the increasingly popular "zero waste" trend promoting the reduction of waste, thus limiting environmental pollution. The Polish mayor also hopes that thanks to this initiative her team will remind older residents of the city and make younger ones aware that before something is thrown it can be repaired.

In order for the map to be created, local enterprises and workshops offering craft services in Bełchatów and its surroundings were invited to register with the municipality earlier this month. The map is yet to be completed. The culmination of the action will be an exhibition at the Regional Museum, showing local craftsmen at work.

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