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Benidorm is rebranding itself as the ideal place for digital nomads

“Live in Benidorm; work from Paradise” is the motto of the new campaign

  • September 11, 2020 20:30
  • Author Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov
Medium benidorm

The municipal website of Benidorm, a popular resort on the Levante coast of Spain, has informed of the start of a new campaign which seeks to rebrand the city from its usual sun, sea and sand image to one which is best suited as the headquarters for people working remotely. Toni Pérez, the Mayor of Benidorm, has held a press conference serving as the initial promoter of the campaign for transforming the city image in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis which saw the reduction of tourist flows from abroad due to the British restrictive measures imposed on tourists returning from Spain.

Did you know that Benidorm is also known as BeniYork in Spain?

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated a trend which was already gaining considerable ground in recent years. We are talking about the practice of remote working or working from any spot in the world armed with a laptop and a wi-fi connection. People who have made it possible to have their work bound to them rather than vice versa are known as digital nomads.

Mayor Pérez stated that his city is ideally suited to welcome this new generation of global workers who can come and stay long-term mixing tourism with work activities. This, in his opinion, would be possible thanks to the unique qualities of Benidorm, which combines climate and leisure attractions with first-class services.

Digital nomads are usually young people who are tech-savvy and demanding of having comfort while also seeking adventurous experiences. Combining the freedom of movement with working in innovative fields is representing a paradigm shift for the workforce in many countries of the Western World.

"Benidorm offers professional services, security and perfect connectivity for teleworking and represents an ideal solution… Benidorm is the perfect place to live and work. A medium-sized city, which is well urbanized with a vertical city model, good accessibility and connections, an example of sustainability, a large hotel and non-hotel accommodation capacity, available all year round, and with one of the most complete commercial, leisure and restaurant offers in the Mediterranean,” explained Mayor Toni Pérez, adding that, “it also has co-working spaces, such as Tourist-Lab Benidorm”.

Benidorm is located some 30 kilometres north of Alicante. It counts with an impressive urbanized city line thanks to its numerous high-rise hotels, which is what has led to it being dubbed Beni-York, a throwback to the profile of Manhattan.

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