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Berlin's biggest DIY housing project

The project is situated in the center of Berlin's neighborhood of Kreuzberg

  • October 06, 2018 21:25
  • Author S. Lukanova
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Source: Pixabay

The Baugruppenprojekt Urbankrankenhaus Kreuzberg takes the location of a former hospital complex in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood. The area of the compex is about 26,500 m2 and has been serving as a housing complex since 2011. Some 120 people live there now. 

Back in 2008, the former hospital complex was sold to a gourp of architects and jurists and the private collective they have formed deveopled the area into a housing complex. Today, the approximately 120 residents live in the 19 monumental buildings comprising the complex - the largest DYI project in Berlin.

The complex does not consist of housing buildings exclusively - it also has large performance areas, workplaces and even elderly homes.


Source: citiesintransition.eu

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