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Bike to work in Martin and win prizes!

For a 6th consecutive year, the municipality is aiming to promote cycling to work by holding a month-long competition in May

  • April 30, 2019 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The city of Martin, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Construction is holding the 6th annual “To work on a bicycle” competition in the month of May. All companies, organisations and civic associations operating within the territory of the city are allowed to register and participate in the event. Every participating organisation is allowed to register as many teams as it wants, consisting of 2-4 people – as long as they’re all members of the same enterprise. As of last year, students from the same school that are at least 15 years old are also allowed to register as a team.

Prizes will be distributed in two main categories – largest mileage to and from work (or school) between 1 and 31 May and largest number of rides to and from work (or school). There is also a third “bonus” category – a random competitor will be drawn from the list of people that have completed 2/3 of their trips to and from work via bicycle for at least a total of 500 km. Reporting the mileage is mostly based on trust and good faith, as the goal of the whole initiative and competition is to promote the use of bicycles instead of automobiles in the city.


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