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Birmingham City Council with ambitious plan to redesign city centre

Over 5,000 new homes will be created, alongside brand-new office buildings and green spaces

  • May 27, 2019 14:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Birmingham.gov.uk

Birmingham City Council is continuing with its efforts to create the best city possible. The next step they are taking is the implementation of yet another part of their Big City Plan – the creation of the Rea Valley Urban Quarter. The goal of the local government is for the city centre to become a mixed-use paradise – housing both homes for the citizens, office spaces for local businesses as well as a vas network of green spaces and pedestrian paths. The development of the area will focus on the transforming Rea Valley into a green corridor with an enhanced role in water management and improvement of biodiversity.

Another major focus is the beautiful Highgate Park – it will be improved, brought to splendor and connected properly to the city’s centre. 5 hectares or land have been allocated for the purposes of creating band new green spaces which will serve as connective tissue to the Park proper. The extension of cycle routes as well as the Midland Metro are also planned in order to improve connectivity.

Currently the plans for the Rea Valley Urban Quarter are planned to be discussed with citizens. Residents will be able to pitch in with their own suggestions or critiques of the developments at special meetings that the municipality is organising.

You can find out more about the plans over the municipality’s website.

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