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Birmingham launches e-book featuring locals’ experiences during the pandemic

In time, the book will be turned into a hard copy and will be displayed in the City Council’s archives

  • June 28, 2020 17:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying lockdown have both left their mark on all citizens of Europe. In order to preserve the raw emotions of this period and record the complete and total transformation that cities and daily life within them went through in just a matter of days, many local governments and museums across the continent quickly began gathering memorabilia and testimonies to put on display for future generations.

In the United Kingdom, the Birmingham City Council has come up with its own unique spin of collecting memories from the lockdown – namely through the creation of an e-book that will later be turned into a hard copy stored in the local government’s archives, called “The Birmingham Book of Memories”.

All experiences welcome

All citizens of Birmingham can take part in filling the book with entries. By simply filling out the form on the Birmingham City Council’s website, locals can share their memories, experiences and feelings. They will then be displayed as a comment, following a review by local government employees who vet inappropriate submissions.

Upon the launch of the Book, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Cllr Mohammed Azim, stated that “As we adapt to a ‘new normal’, it has been a great comfort to see how communities, key workers and volunteers have helped and supported citizens during these unprecedented and unsettling times.

The Birmingham Book of Memories provides a platform for people across our city to record experiences; pay tribute to loved ones who passed away during lockdown; and to recognise those who have helped along the way, from friends and family to frontline workers and volunteers who have gone above and beyond to help keep life going during this pandemic.

It is important that our memories are recorded to capture and celebrate how Birmingham responded to the coronavirus crisis.”

By collecting the stories of locals in the Birmingham Book of Memories, the Birmingham City Council is doing its duty to future generations. Through the creation of a unique assortment of personal experiences, testimonies and memories, all citizens of Birmingham are contributing to the writing of history itself.

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