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Bonn and Berlin first in Germany to have 5G coverage

Hamburg, Munich, Darmstadt and Leipzig are up next

  • July 13, 2019 17:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Deutsche Telekom announced that their customers in some parts of Bonn and Berlin will now be able to access their brand new 5G network. 5G is all the rage in the past couple of years, following the many scandals surrounding the Chinese tech giant Huawei and its plans of developing such networks. Countries in Europe have also been scrambling for ways to develop their own proper coverage systems. The work done by Deutsche Telekom is an important step in this journey into the future.

5G is an ultra-fast data network which is able to transmit data 1000 times faster than the 4G networks currently used by most citizens. Its main applicable purpose is for the development of future technologies and for use by self-driving cars, smart cities and connected factories. Thus, some of the most advanced cities in Germany are the perfect places to start the development of such a network. Deutsche Telekom has stated that it will continue expanding and improving the service in Bonn and Berlin, as it is currently somewhat geographically limited. Furthermore, it plans on developing the technology in Hamburg, Munich, Darmstadt and Leipzig.

The company is very concerned with the lack of a proper regulatory framework in Germany and is hopeful that such will soon exist. Deutsche Telekom has also stated that a faster way of companies getting their licences approved might also assist the development of high-tech solutions.

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