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Bordeaux tests citizen’s approval of several development ideas with “Serious Games”

Where can you find French people speaking everything but French? In the polyglot saloons in #BM2050 #seriousgame, alongside the hippie district and the house of glass in #Bordeaux of course

  • October 23, 2018 11:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium seriousgame 1 bordeaux
Source: Bordeaux Municipality

An interesting approach towards including citizens and tourists in the evaluation of the perspectives for development of the city is ongoing in Bordeaux, France.  #BM2050 invites the players to project a future city in 2050 and to test new places and services. The users are allowed to evaluate more than 110 short suggestions, in the following topics:

  • Living
  • Care
  • Alimentation
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Work
  • Entertainment
  • Transport

The players are to reply to several questions concerning the proposed changes, illustrated by pictures and short stories. The principle of the initiative is relatively simple: combining a serious intention with a gaming activity, in order to create a serious game. The game works in three phases: selection of an urban topic, choosing suggestions and answering a short quiz. The participation in the game will allow for a better insight into the aspirations of visitors and citizens of Bordeaux Metropolis.

#BM2050 is available for PC, mobile and tablets until 15th of March 2019 for all visitors of the site, so don’t hesitate to try it out.


Source: Municipality of Bordeaux, www.bm2050-lejeu.fr

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