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Braga joins “Resilient Cities” network

Local authorities are committed to reducing the risks that locals are facing – be they natural, technological or other

  • January 29, 2020 14:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Rui Chicória [CC BY3.0)]

Last week the City Council of Braga approved the municipality’s decision to join the “Resilient Cities” network – a part of the United Nations Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

The goal of the network is to help cities study, develop and implement measures aimed at reducing the risks of all kinds of disasters, increasing their responsiveness and improve their ability to recover.

Braga – committed to providing safety to its citizens

The document that marks the city’s entry into the network was signed by the mayor of Braga Ricardo Rio and it is a testament to the local administration’s commitment to providing safety and solutions to its citizens.

By joining the group of “Resilient Cities” Braga showcases that it is more than ready to develop and implement actions that reduce and mitigate the risks of human, natural and technological disasters. Authorities believe that such challenges can best be met at the local level with the inclusion of local communities and other interested parties.

In fact, Braga has already begun developing its own local solutions to crises – namely the Local Civil Protection Units, part of the “Cuidar Braga” project. The city stands ready to implement and spread the use of similar projects throughout the entire urban area.

Local authorities further point to the "Making Cities Resilient - My City is Getting Ready" campaign, through the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction, that also contributes to cities’ efforts in deploying effective measures for risk mitigation by promoting the adoption of approaches that make urban areas more resilient to catastrophes.

By taking part in many international projects Braga has proven itself as an able partner that places the interests of all its citizens at the forefront of policy decisions. And it seems that this approach is trickling down to residents of the city as well, who are ready to band together in order to solve some of their community’s shared problems.

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