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Braga to host the Eurocities Roma Community Integration Working Group

The Portuguese city has been leading by example in the integration of minorities

  • August 26, 2019 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The Eurocities Roma Community Integration Working Group is heading to Braga. Between 24 and 26 September, members of the group will be discussing and assessing the impact of policies concerning the integration of the Roma community and how their approaches can be improved. The local government of Braga has invited many experts to provide their insight and is conducting the meeting under the slogan “How to develop a successful integrated plan for the inclusion of the Roma community”.

Ricardo Rio, the mayor of Braga, is excited at the opportunity for the city’s administration to learn from its partners in the Eurocities project. The city has enjoyed great success with its policies aimed at the integration of Roma communities and they have attracted the attention of many other European administrations. “Our strategy of participating in international networks is to learn from the best practices of other cities, but also to share what we do here. The case of this social intervention with the Roma community, which we are presenting at the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum, attracted a lot of interest from our European counterparts, so it was decided to hold a three-day event here to get to know our project in depth ”, stated Ricardo Rio.

The municipality’s approach to integration kicked into high gear with the adoption of a new strategy in 2018, which was aimed at creating new jobs, improving the health and education of the Roma community and generally changing up the narrative surrounding the minority group.

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