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Brasov Municipality distributes free masks to vulnerable citizens

Mayor George Scripcaru personally joined the initiative

  • August 20, 2020 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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On Wednesday, 19 August, an initiative for the distribution of free masks purchased by the Romanian Municipality of Brașov to people from vulnerable categories was launched. Approximately 6,200 beneficiaries will receive 30 protective masks by the end of the project, according to the City Hall of Brașov.

Good practice in compliance with all legal provisions and social distancing rules

The distribution takes place at the headquarters of the Social Assistance Department, where the staff ensures it all happens in compliance with the legal provisions and social distancing rules. Vulnerable citizens have to bring a copy of their identity card and the documents relevant to their conditions to Panselelor Street in order to be eligible to receive these masks.  

Brasov Municipality distributes free masks to vulnerable citizensAcording to the mayor George Scripcaru, this social support is very useful. Photo by Brașov Municipality

Providing free masks is more than welcome, because they need to be changed very often, and they prevent the spread of Covid-19. Vulnerable people should wear a mask when they are shopping, at the market, and whenever they go out in Romania.

Over the course of this past week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)1,500  citizens, from the elderly people category who exist in the database of Brașov as beneficiaries of other services and social benefits, were scheduled to take possession of masks. Around 30 people were scheduled per hour to avoid congestion, and the flow of traffic includes separate entry and exit.

In order to come to the aid of vulnerable people, the verification of the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria, as well as the programming in order to take over the masks were done by telephone. For this specific purpose, the Brașov Social Assistance Department provided four telephone numbers that citizens could call upon.

The distribution of protective masks was done in compliance with all the rules imposed by the authorities during this period and the necessary measures were taken in order to protect both the beneficiaries as well as the municipal employees.

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