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Bratislava bypass shortens journey times and cuts congestion

It is being built by way of a public-private partnership

  • July 18, 2018 21:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: European Commission

Intensive industrial and commercial activity in and around Bratislava – including the   operation of logistics centres – combined with an inadequate road network is causing major traffic jams in the area. The Slovak government has decided to resolve the      problem by building the bypass. This should divert freight transport from Bratislava’s roads, speed up connections to the motorway network and lessen the impact of road traffic on the environment.                           

The initial stretch of the bypass is comprised of the Jarovce-Rača section of the D4 motorway, which forms part of the Trans-European Transport Network. Construction of a further section of the D4, between Rača and Záhorská Bystrica, including the Karpaty tunnel, is planned for the next phase. The D4 will be approximately 27 kilometres long and will include a motorway bridge across the Danube. By 2020, it should be able to handle 35,000 vehicles a day in both directions. The bypass is being built by way of a public-private partnership. It combines finance from EU structural and investment funds, the Slovak Ministry of Finance’s Slovak Investment Holding and the European Fund for Strategic Investments, part of the Investment Plan for Europe. 

Source: European Commission   


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