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Bucharest invests 12 million euros in European Cultural Centre

It is scheduled for completion in 36 months

  • March 20, 2019 17:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

Work on the European Cultural Center “Favorit” in Bucharest started this February. The huge project includes a 700-seat theatre, a library and several other spaces with different functions. The new facility is financed and coordinated by Bucharest’s District 6 City Hall, and it is scheduled for completion in 36 months. The local authorities have earmarked 12 million euros for a period of three years for the project.

Gabriel Mutu, District 6 mayor said: “As we have seen in the project’s technical description, we should not have any problems [with the deadline for finalizing the works]. It’s true, we are not only talking about the actual building where we will have these halls, but also about the front area, where we will have a refurbished square. We will also arrange the part in front of the cinema, the entire green area, alleys and we have started discussions with the owners of the premises to convince them to invest in the facades of their shops”.

Bucharest invests 12 million euros in European Cultural Centre

The “Favorit” cinema, located in the Drumul Taberei neighborhood of Bucharest’s District 6, will be transformed into European Cultural Center. The cinema was in a derelict state and has not served its initial purpose for 20 years. The feasibility study for its revamping was drafted in 2011.  

Source: Bucharest Municipality

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