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Bucharest ranks 2nd in Europe in cheap public transport

The Greenpeace Romania survey is a continuation of a 2018 report on durable mobility

  • January 29, 2020 17:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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The Romanian capital ranks second out of 14 European cities in  low public transport fares and high density of stations, according to the Greenpeace Romania report “Durable mobility in Bucharest. An evaluation based on indicators”.

The survey is a continuation of a 2018 report on durable mobility “Living. Moving. Breathing”, compiled by the Wuppertal Institute. The document lists several European cities such as Berlin, London, Vienna, Brussels, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Budapest, Zurich and Oslo.

According to the report, Bucharest has good positioning on the affordability of public transport, but at the same time doesn`t offer an integrated ticket system for purchasing tickets or a transport card that could be used for all means of public transport.

The price of tickets is RON 2.8 or 0.59 euro for a trip on urban and peri urban lines, which includes two tickets of RON 1.3 and RON 1.5. The price is considered reasonable when adjusted as a percentage from daily food expenses in Bucharest.

Ranked 13th out of 14 cities 

Bucharest ranks 13th on several other indicators such as road safety, air quality, management of mobility and active mobility. The reasons for this poor ranking are the many air pollutants, the high number of private cars, the low proportion of people choosing active mobility solutions, and the small size of green areas. When it comes to active mobility, the city also lacks a well-designed cycling lane system.

The report ends with recomendations such as improving the pedestrian infrastructure, combating illegal parking on sidewalks, providing an infrastructure that is accessible to low-mobility individuals and helping integrate them into the public transport system.

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