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Budapest Summer Festival 2018 from June to August

Wide range of cultural programs expects you

  • June 24, 2018 10:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium margaret island open air theater
Source: Budapest Summer Festival

Budapest is one of the cultural capitals of Europe, and the 2018 key element is the three-month summer festival on the island of Margit. The small piece of land is located in the Danube - just between Buda and Pesta. Margit is a popular place for walking and  recreation, gathering medieval history, sports and leisure facilities, and theater and music venues. Visitors of the summer festival can enjoy performances from different genres: from opera to ballet and musical. The Budapest Summer Festival offers a wide range of cultural programs for the summer months. Highlights of the program:  

  • The Great Gatsby Ballet  performance on 6-7 July, by star soloists of the Saint Petersburg Mariinszkij Ballet, as well as dancers from the Complexions Contemporary Ballet and the Kiev and Odessa National Ballet companies.
  • Planets concert by Jeff Mills and the The Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda on 13 July.

The festival program (around 100) is rich and diverse: concerts, musicals, dance shows, theatrical performances for children and adults, comedies at three venues:

  • Open-Air Theater in Városmajor – venue for many children programs
  • the Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island and
  • the Water Tower on Margaret Island.

Source: Budapest by Locals

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