Local elections in Bulgaria


Today, 27 October 2019 local elections are taking place in Bulgaria.

The are a total of 66 parties, coalitions and independent candidates currently registered at the Central Electoral Commission who have put forward around 12,000 candidates for mayors and 36,000 candidates  for municipal councilors. The total number of eligible voters is 6,227,901. Voting will take place with several separate bulletins - for mayors, for municipal councilors and for mayors of mayoralties. The term of office of all these position is set for four years.

Citizens in the cities of Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv will also be voting for mayors of their respective districts, alongside the regular aforementioned positions. The biggest number of candidates for the post of mayor is in Sofia - 19, followed by the candidates for mayor of Plovdiv, who are a total of 14.

The elections will be held in two rounds - the first one is held today and the second will take place on 3 November – specifically for mayors in villages, towns and cities where none of the candidates was able to secure more than 50% of the votes in the first round.