Unification Day in Bulgaria


Today Bulgaria celebrates its Unification Day, it is a national holiday. On 6 September 1885, the semi-independent Principality of Bulgaria and the Ottoman-held Eastern Rumelia were unified in a single entity. The unification was coordinated by the Bulgarian Secret Revolutionary Committee and took place after several successfully staged rebellions in different towns in Rumelia. These events were followed by the military takeover of the province by the Bulgarian armed forces led by Prince Alexander I. Once the unification was in effect, Eastern Roumelia and Bulgaria created a joint government, an army, administration, and parliament.

The main celebrations of Unification Day in Bulgaria are held on the evening of September 6th in the city of Plovdiv, which was once the capital of Eastern Roumelia when it was an Ottoman province. During these celebrations the President and Prime Minister of Bulgaria attend the official ceremony. In the evening on Unification Day in Bulgaria, there are fireworks that follow the military roll call in central Plovdiv square. For those in the capital of Bulgaria Sofia, the celebrations begin at the tomb of Prince Alexander I Battenberg. The Mayor of Sofia attends the event.