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Can you spend a week without your car?

Your entire family could become famous for setting aside the personal vehicle

  • July 28, 2019 17:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Do you think you can lead a sustainable way of life? Use public transport, without resorting to the convenience of your personal car? Well, now you have the chance to prove it. Even better, gather your whole family and accept the challenge together. How? The Belgian city of Mons challenges everyone living in its confines to try living for a week without changing anything in their daily habits, but the usage of a personal vehicle.

Between 15th and 22nd September Mons organizes the Mobility week, hence on this occasion it launches this atypical family challenge. It is already open for volunteers. Those who decide to participate will receive free transport subscriptions for the entire local transport network, including bus, train and bicycle. Furthermore, they will be guided by mobility counsellors hired by the city. The condition, of course, is to commit themselves at 100% to the challenge, that is to abandon completely the car for the mobility week.

Finally, as the process and the respect of the conditions will be monitored by local media and city representatives, it is important for participants to feel comfortable with being photographed and presented on social media. All interested to apply can check out full conditions at the City of Mons website.

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